SEO Audit

Two SEO Auditing Tools

This page includes two free tools, when conducting an audit I always use at least two tools to gain the best picture.

SEO Audit Powered By SEMRush

SEO Checker

This tool works, it’s just a little antiquated in speed.  But it is also one of about 4 auditors available to you on our site.  If you decide you don’t feel like waiting check out our best free tool Ultimate SEO Tool or visit our tools area.


There isn't a right or wrong answer necessarily because Google changes often but the following provides guidance thats generally accepted. Two most important factors for a page or keyword to rank aren't even On Page SEO. Backlinks and User Behavior! Don't believe me? Search "Google Bomb" and read about the time Google ranked someone as a Miserable Failure with no mention of the word on the site.

Notable Issues Notable Issues Worth Reviewing Worth Reviewing Correct (or are they?) Correct (or are they?)

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